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A paper by Dr. Sabokrou titled "Looking Back on Learned Experiences For Class/task Incremental Learning" has been accepted for publication in ICLR 2022.

Shrinking FPGA Static Power via Machine Learning-Based Power Gating and Enhanced RoutingSingle Talk1401/02/28 Poster
Performance Analysis of Multi-User Fading ChannelsSingle Talk1400/12/04 Poster
سومين کنفرانس ملي انفورماتيک ايرانConference1400/10/22 http://cs.ipm.ac.ir/nic/1400 Poster
Improved Maximin Guarantees for Subadditive and Fractionally Subadditive Fair Allocation ProblemSingle Talk1400/08/26 Poster
Design Challenges of Mixed-Criticality SystemsSingle Talk1400/08/25 Poster
Approximation Algorithms for Clustering Probabilistic DataSingle Talk1400/08/19 Poster
Fractional Chebyshev Deep Network for Solving Differential ModelsSingle Talk1400/08/12 Poster
A Discretization Technique for the General Point Guarding ProblemSingle Talk1400/07/28 Poster
Posit as an Alternative to Floating Point: Opportunities & ChallengesSingle Talk1400/06/24 Poster
TAMA: Turn-aware Mapping and Architecture “A Power-efficient Network-on-Chip Approach”Single Talk1400/06/17 Poster

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